"Carole and Jan's full-service storage facilities are set up to help you stay organized and keep your life hassle free. We offer (on request) a pictorial inventory of your storage so you can just let us know what you need and we will have it ready for you. We are the only company to offer this custom service."




















































Storage Services

We provide full-service storage. So no matter what your requirements are we can accommodate them. We can store basically everything from: simple documents, to an entire home, office, or art collection. We also store items like: automobiles, boats, pianos, plants, etc.


Storage Inventory Service

One of our specialized services is providing you with an easy-to-use picture inventory of your storage (available on request). With this convenient storage system getting specific items out of storage is as simple as notifying us. Within just a few hours of your phone call we will have your items ready for pickup or delivery


Facilities and Services

We have more than 80,000 square feet of storage space to accommodateyour every need.

To ensure both safety and organization your office or household goods are placed in individually secured containers.

For no additional charge your furniture is blanket wrapped. Upholstered items are additionally plastic wrapped to guarantee they do not gather dust.

If you have pieces that are oversized, such as large sofas or rugs, they are placed on custom-built racks specifically designed to handle these items.

We have custom racks for file storage. Many clients simply call us to notify us which box or boxes they need pulled out. We can have the boxes ready for immediate pick up or we can deliver them on the same day for a minimal fee.

For high value items, such as fine art, we have areas designed to provide extra safety and temperature control. Our facilities are designed with security in mind.


Full-Service Storage vs. Self-Storage

Something many people are not aware of is that full-service storage is normally far less expensive on a monthly basis than self-storage.

The reason full-service storage is almost always less expensive is because you are only paying for the actual space you use vs. self-storage, where you are paying for an entire room regardless of how well you've packed it or how much of the room you use.

When your items arrive to our facility our storage staff is trained to ensure your belongings are stored both safely and without wasting space.


Designer Services

Several of our customers are event planners, production designers, interior designers, and home staging professionals. We work with many of our design clients to place their items on location and to conveniently store their items for priority access.
















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